Reminder on the Role of E-Records in Trade Secret Enforcement

Earlier today, an entry on Wright’s Legal Beagle blog via the Content Management Connection blog caught our attention. While the , Microsoft intellectual property (IP) lawsuit these entries described was settled more than three years ago the light that specific case shed on email authentication and IP protection are timeless and worth revisiting.

In case you aren’t familiar with the specifics of v. Microsoft, here is a quick recap from Wright’s Legal Beagle:

Burst had held conversations with Microsoft in which it confidentially (under non-disclosure agreement) revealed trade secrets about Burst’s streaming media technology. Burst later alleged that Microsoft chose to use these trade secrets without Burst’s consent, and without compensation to Burst.

So Burst sued, claiming misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract. During the discovery phase of the lawsuit, Microsoft was required to reveal all of its e-mail records on the topic, and Microsoft did turn over a large number of e-mails regarding its development and use of streaming technology.

And while Microsoft turned over “millions of documents and emails”

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