Software Lets User Manipulate Passport Data

Software Lets User Manipulate Passport Data

Washington Post, September 30, 2008

Are you in need of a quick passport don’t doesn’t necessarily care if the personal information doesn’t match up to who you really are? If so, then you might want to check on Jeroen van Beck’s new tool that allows you to modify data on computer chips imbedded in dozens of country’s passports, including those from the U.S. van Beck’s software specifically targets electronic passports which include chips that contain a person’s name, date of birth, passport number and photograph. In a demo given to The Times Online, van Beck demonstrated the ease in which information can be changed, copied and deleted, all of which can help hide the true identity of the passport holder.

According to the article, “Building on research from the UK, Germany and New Zealand, Mr van Beek has developed a method of reading, cloning and altering microchips so that they are accepted as genuine by Golden Reader, the standard software used by the International Civil Aviation Organization to test them. It is also the software recommended for use at airports.”

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