SharePoint Security Issues Raise Concerns Amongst Business Managers

Microsoft SharePoint security concerns surface, November 13, 2008

According to new research conducted by Courion, many business managers believe that using Microsoft SharePoint for collaboration could be placing their information at risk of data security violations. The research found that 86 percent of respondents are worried that data is finding its way onto SharePoint sites without proper safety measures. Considering this research also found one third of firms don’t have use policies in place for SharePoint and another 63 percent don’t have the means to monitor usage, it’s not surprising to see where the worry stems from.

“What people are really concerned about is sensitive information being pushed onto these SharePoint sites and shared with people that should not have access to that information,” said Stuart Hodkinson, Courion UK general manager. “A huge proportion of organizations recognize that they just don’t know what’s being pushed out on these sites, or even how many sites they’ve got, which is perhaps even more worrying.”

So what gives? If IT and company executives are worried about securing their sensitive information, taking action to secure the data stored in SharePoint should be a top priority. Organizations should identify best practice guidelines for users, monitor SharePoint usage and by all means”

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