Surety Podcast Series: Litigation Risks Associated with Electronic R&D

This is part two of a four part podcast series.

Podcast Presenters: Michael Elliot of Atrium Research & Consulting and Timothy Carroll, Partner at Loeb & Loeb LLP

Risk by openDemocracyIt’s an old adage these days: the more electronic information an organization has and the less infrastructure that has been put in place to manage or enable this information, the more difficult it is to mitigate the risks related to an organization’s legal defensibility.

In this podcast series, find out what litigation risks are associated with electronic R&D environments and what processes need to be put into place to ensure data authenticity in court. What about the use of digital timestamps and its way of establishing when a document has been created, transmitted, received, modified or stored, and that it hasn’t been altered since? Learn about the standards to which an organization will be judged and the legal trends in eDiscovery that are surfacing and in some cases burdening companies in today’s litigation environment.

  1. The eDiscovery Challenge of Electronic R&D Environments: In this podcast, Elliot and Carroll tally up the legal risks associated with electronic R&D environments and the eDiscovery challenges that companies could face in court.
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  2. Digital Timestamps as Trusted Witness in eR&D: When proffering a digital record into evidence, in order to be admissible in court it must be established that the record is what it purports to be. Listen in as Elliot and Carroll talk about the use of digital timestamps, how they work and why it is one of the most effective ways in proving data authentication and record integrity.
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  3. Legal Trends in eR&D: Challenging the Who-What-When of Electronic Documents: In this podcast, Carroll fleshes out the legal trends in electronic R&D, like the acceptance of eDiscovery cases and with that acceptance the burden that comes as companies are forced to bear in today’s litigious environment.
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