Google Takes on the World of Email Archiving

Google’s latest trump – an expansion in e-mail archiving
Techno Talks, January 12, 2009

Google Message Discovery

Just when you think Google has thought of everything, think again. The corporate giant has recently developed an email archiving solution called “Google Message Discovery”

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  1. Who has an excellent product for Email Archiving is called SonaVault. Tons of companies use their products, even the IRS, Stanford University and New York Times bought are currently using their software. I started with downloading a trial version and test it and less then a month bought it. It is perfect for small 5 person to mid size 500 person company.

    Where to get a trial

    • Thanks Joanna – let me give some additional “food for thought” on this…once it’s archived, how do you know it hasn’t been tampered with or altered from its original, intended state? Many organizations, large and small, archive email for legal purposes that may potentially arise down the road. Just “archiving” them isn’t enough to prove the organization has the authentic versions. Archiving machines can be “back dated,” and lawyers know it. So how do you protect the integrity and defend the authenticity of that archived content? Add Surety’s AbsoluteProof into that email archiving workflow and you now have legally defensible, trusted time-stamp proof of time of creation. So defending the emails’ authenticity isn’t a problem – Surety even “guarantees” it…check it out… .

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