Before your organization invests in an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

Most enterprise-class Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) systems can be expensive, cumbersome or even overkill for many organizations. Many don’t benefit from all the ELN’s features , and some never deploy and use the ELNs they have purchased because they do not meet their needs.

Before any organization invests in a commercial ELN, we recommend they take a step back. Consider how you can most cost-effectively and efficiently enable your researchers and scientists to focus on getting world-class products and ideas to market faster in a collaborative, workflow-friendly environment, with built-in intellectual property protection.

Chances are, if your organization already has an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system like Microsoft SharePoint or Open Text Livelink, an email system, such as Microsoft Exchange, a database application like Oracle or SQL Server, and Surety’s AbsoluteProof Data Integrity Protection service, you have all of the core components to meet the most common objectives of an ELN, without the overhead, costs and complexity of deploying yet another enterprise-class system.

By purchasing a commercial ELN application, you will spend as much, if not more money tailoring it to fit your needs and with integration. Why not leverage your existing investments in software and applications you already have deployed today and easily “customize”

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