Surety Announces Membership of The Paperless Project

Surety announced today that it has joined The Paperless Project, a program compiled of members who are passionate about the adoption and implementation of electronic documentation procedures.

As a member of The Paperless Project and supporter of its Go Green Initiative, Surety will add a voice on electronic record integrity issues and aide fellow members in making smart, proactive decisions related to the security of their electronic records as they make the decision to go paperless. With an ever-increasing number of organizations adopting paperless practices, the volume of those records that contain valuable information — from intellectual property records, financial records and contracts to employee or customer information — is also growing exponentially. By highlighting the necessity for secure electronic records management processes and sharing data integrity best practices, Surety will enable organizations who are migrating to paperless operations to make proactive decisions that secure their organization’s most valuable electronic assets and offer legal and regulatory protection.

The company plans to help bring to light the necessity of proper document protection processes and the best practices for going “paperless”

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