Rescentris Integrates Surety’s AbsoluteProof into its Collaborative Electronic Research Framework (CERF) Solution

Surety announced today that Rescentris, an ELN and scientific content management software solution provider, has deployed AbsoluteProof into its CERF solution to strengthen the protection of its customers’ intellectual property.

Surety’s flagship product offering, AbsoluteProof, is a third-party, digital timestamping technology that delivers long-lasting protection; provides objective proof-of-record integrity and authenticity independent of an organization’s people, processes and systems; and is compliant with domestic and international timestamp standards. AbsoluteProof uses Surety’s patented hash-chain-linking methodology to provide ELN users with independent, irrefutable proof that their electronic scientific data has not been subject to forgery or compromise since the time it was created and “sealed.”

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