Surety Teams Up with SAFE-BioPharma Association to Provide Industry's Strongest Digital IP Protection Service

Today Surety announced that is has partnered with SAFE-BioPharma Association to combine AbsoluteProof with the SAFE-BioPharma digital identity management standard. This agreement will allow biopharmaceuticals to protect their IP and legally defend its authenticity throughout the chain of custody.

Under the terms of the agreement, Surety is able to incorporate the SAFE-BioPharma identity management standard – used to verify and manage digital identities and to apply digital signatures to electronic records – into products using its AbsoluteProof cryptographically based time-stamp service. The new alliance will jointly target laboratories in small and mid-size biopharmaceutical companies as they transition from paper-based to electronic lab management workflows and record-keeping processes.

“Our goal is to help improve R&D efficiencies across the industry by providing a simple, transparent and easy way for biopharmaceutical organizations to protect the ownership of their scientific intellectual property for the long term,”

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