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Electronic Health Records — Calling for Security and Authentication

Electronic health information technology is transforming the delivery of healthcare. Nineteen billion dollars of the economic stimulus package has been set aside for the modernization of health records, and the federal government has set a goal of 2014 for the … Read More »

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Revisiting the Characteristics of a Good Data Integrity Mechanism

Last week, we read the New York Times article “A Tool to Verify Digital Records, Even as Technology Shifts”

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Surety Podcast Series: Litigation Risks Associated with Electronic R&D

This is part two of a four part podcast series. Podcast Presenters: Michael Elliot of Atrium Research & Consulting and Timothy Carroll, Partner at Loeb & Loeb LLP It’s an old adage these days: the more electronic information an organization … Read More »

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Digital Timestamp Provides Proof for Agent Jack Bauer

If you watched the season premier of the award-winning television show 24 on FOX last night, you would have seen digital timestamps in action! During last night’s show, FBI agent Renee Walker presented a digitally timestamped image of presumed-dead terrorist … Read More »

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Surety Announces AbsoluteProof FolderSeal

Surety announced today the release of AbsoluteProof FolderSeal, an AbsoluteProof delivery model that allows users to automatically timestamp and Seal electronic records stored within individually specified folders, protecting them from tampering and manipulation. FolderSeal uses an Automated Sealer to timestamp … Read More »

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