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Surety Podcast Series: Informatics Trends Emerging in eR&D

This is part four of a four part podcast series. Podcast Presenter: Michael Elliot of Atrium Research & Consulting. Curious to know what sort of informatics trends are emerging in the electronic R&D space? And what about the success stories … Read More »

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Looking into our Crystal Ball for 2009

_ As we get settled in to 2009, we thought we’d throw our hat into the ring and put forth some of our own predictions for the year as they relate to electronic records and data level authentication issues. At … Read More »

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2009 Funding Forecast Reveals Tightened Budget for U.S.

The Battelle, R&D Magazine 2009 Funding Forecast showcases highs and lows for R&D budgets. Read More »

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Surety to Host Webinar on Patent Creation

Surety announced today that it will host a webinar on October 31 entitled, “Patent Evidence Creation in an Electronic R &D Environment,”

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