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Welcome! to the Power of Proof newsletter from Surety! Here you will read about latest news in scientific intellectual property protection, along with specific Surety initiatives addressing current IP protection trends, concerns and technology advances to better protect and legally defend your organization’s most critical electronic research and lab data. We welcome feedback about the content provided at

What's New with Surety

- Maquet SA Adopts Agilent Electronic Lab Notebook Paired with Surety Intellectual Property Integrity Protection.

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- Surety Expands Its Channel and Sales Teams

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- Protect the Integrity and Defend the Authenticity of Cloud-Based Scientific IP.

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Industry News

- Notaries in the Digital Era
A trial lawyer from Baltimore, Md. put AbsoluteProof to work, helping to secure electronic evidence for his case. In this article, he explains the benefits of “digital notary” solutions such as AbsoluteProof, and how they are taking the legal industry by storm.

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Featured Downloads

- Signed, Sealed and Indelible
For Ferring Pharmaceuticals, the legal protection of their intellectual property research data in their lab management workflows was questionable – they could lose ownership, revenue and potentially their business if they couldn't prove time of creation ("first-to-invent") and authenticity decades into the future. Learn how they integrated a simple, automated control to protect their scientific intellectual property, and streamlined their "signing and witnessing" processes for legal defensibility. Without such a control, the company could expose itself to lost IP claims, rejected patents, and ultimately lost revenue.

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- Success Stories
For more than a decade, Surety has helped large and small organizations across every kind of industry or market protect the integrity of their critical data and defend its authenticity.

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Upcoming Events

IQPC 7th Forum on Laboratory Informatics, San Diego, CA
While networking with your peers, learn about Surety's trusted time-stamp technology that, when integrated into any lab informatics system, such as CERF by Rescentris, can easily and cost-effectively protect the integrity and prove the authenticity and ownership of your scientific intellectual property. If you're going to the conference, plan to visit us and you could win a free iPad!

What: Hosted Cocktail Reception at the Conference
When: Tues., Nov. 16, 6 - 7:45pm
Where: Doubletree Hotel, Del Mar Room - San Diego, CA

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The Wall of Shame
Wall of Shame

Former Intel Employee Accused of Stealing Intellectual Property Files

Summary: A former Intel employee allegedly told his supervisor that he had accepted a new job with a hedge fund and that he would be using his vacation time up until his last day with the company. Intel later learned that in reality, the former employee had accepted a position with top Intel competitor AMD more than one week before his previous job had ended. An FBI investigation revealed that the former employee had more than 100 pages of sensitive Intel IP material on his home computer, including product and other data that would be of high interest to AMD.

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Founded in 1994 by prominent Bellcore scientists, Surety is a recognized, trusted time-stamp authority, and leading provider of IP protection solutions for R&D-centric industries. With millions of electronic-based scientific records, files and other digital content worldwide protected under its authenticity seal, AbsoluteProof ensures against content tampering by providing a “digital wax seal” for all types of electronically stored content, enabling legally-defensible proof of authenticity, time-of-creation and ownership of original material. Visit us online at


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