Charles Merrill, J.D., Partner, McCarter & English, L.L.P.I

Practicing in the firm's Intellectual Property/Information Technology (IP/IT) Group, Mr. Merrill concentrates his practice on the transactional side of information technology, particularly web-based electronic commerce, Internet and computer law, information security, and privacy in healthcare, financial and international transactions. Mr. Merrill is experienced in negotiating and drafting software and computer-based information transactions for licensees in a wide variety of industries, and also represents a number of licensors.

Through his professional experience and more than 100 presentations and published articles during the last decade, Mr. Merrill has developed an international reputation as an authority on the emerging legal issues of public key infrastructure (PKI) and secure time-stamping technology that provide confidentiality and privacy in e-commerce, and resolve WHO-WHAT-WHEN questions as to electronic evidence and digital contracts formed online. Mr. Merrill frequently advises professionally on the legal issues of secure e-commerce applications and collaborates with technical and business consulting firms in the drafting, interpretation and enforcement of PKI documentation.

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