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  • Preserve digital evidence collected and/or stored on your Windows PC

Ensure Your Digital Evidence Will Stand Up in Court

In a traditional crime scene investigation, an "evidence bag" is used to protect the integrity and authenticity of forensic evidence, and is critical to the outcome of a case. But when the crime happens online or is captured in digital form - like a photo, video or electronic document - the concept of an evidence bag to protect evidentiary integrity is non-existent. How can you prove your captured evidence is authentic, existed at that point in time, and can stand up in court?

From Facebook and YouTube to Smart Phones, Digital Evidence is Exploding!

With the proliferation of web-based and other electronic information, digital evidence is becoming an increasingly important component of all legal disputes. You need to preserve and document digital content for use as evidence - before it changes or disappears. Digital evidence exists in multiple formats, including on the Web, in digital photos and videos, and in electronic records and files, to name just a few.  It is well known that it is easy to alter electronic evidence. How will you prove that yours is authentic?

Protect Online Evidence

The top three social networking sites alone generate billions of posts per month. While a harassing or libelous post, for example, can be easily captured and saved, what's to say that evidence wasn't changed after it was captured or collected? How can you prove the integrity and authenticity of that evidence in court? A saved screen shot alone won't be strong enough.

Protect Photographic and Audio Evidence

Criminal evidence today is captured digitally -- closed-circuit TV systems, police videos and recordings, crime-scene photographs, smart-phone photos, computer records and other methods are part of our everyday lives. If captured and stored in a typical manner, savy attorneys can and will find a way to get them removed from the case for lack proof of authenticity. Can you risk your digital evidence being tossed out due to your inability to prove its authenticity?   

Protect Testimonial Evidence

Your professional career depends on the records you keep on your clients and their statements and/or conditions, whether they are psychology notes, medical/dental records, or other privately recorded evidence. If you can't prove the authenticity of your recorded notes and files, you may not be able to effectively defend yourself in a professional liabilty case. 

Don't lose a case because of your inability to prove and defend the authenticity of your digital evidence. Now, you can "seal" and defend the authenticity of web pages, digital photographs or other digitally recorded evidence that you've captured, proving that they have not changed throughout their chain of custody, and ultimately strengthening your case.

The "Digital Evidence Bag"

Fortunately, a solution exists that is easy to use, can be deployed quickly, works with any online evidence capture tools that you may already be using, and can deliver an unimpeachable defensibility you need to withstand any legal challenge.

Protect your digital evidence now so you can legally defend it later.  

AbsoluteProof Digital Evidence Protection Solutions:

  • AbsoluteProof EvidenceSealer - Lock down and "seal" your digital evidence to prove its integrity and defend its authenticity - think of it as a "digital evidence bag"
  • Software Development Kits - for integration of AbsoluteProof into virtually any environment, including custom applications, commercial products, cloud services, content management systems, web and mobile applications, scanners, etc. SDKs are available for Java, .NET, C++, as well as a REST-based SDK that can be used for any language or environment.
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