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Provable Electronic Record Integrity, Authenticity, and Ownership

Surety provides technology that enables organizations to defend the integrity, authenticity, and ownership of their digital information.


Independently-Verifiable and Long-Lasting Proof of Electronic Record Authenticity

Surety is the world's leading provider of technology to protect the integrity of digital information. Our flagship product, the AbsoluteProof Service, is a cryptographic timestamping service that enables organizations or individuals to apply tamper-evident digital "Seals" to all forms of digital information, providing long-term and independent proof that the information existed at a particular point in time and has not been altered since.

AbsoluteProof can be deployed on the desktop, in the enterprise, or in the cloud, and provides an ideal solution to the challenges of intellectual property protection, digital evidence protection, and proving the authenticity of electronic records and files.

The AbsoluteProof Service can be used to meet a broad range of data integrity objectives, including safeguarding critical documents against tampering and alteration, proving the authenticity of records, protecting digitally based intellectual property, preserving digital evidence, demonstrating regulatory compliance, and ensuring litigation readiness. 

Built on the ISO/IEC 18014-3 and ANSI X9.95 Trusted Time Stamp standards, the AbsoluteProof Service enables organizations to protect the integrity and prove the authenticity of any form of digital data, including electronic documents and records, spreadsheets, web pages or other digital evidence, electronic health records, emails, photographs, scanned images, audio, video, source code, engineering and CAD diagrams, X-rays, audit logs, and more.

Surety offers a wide variety of ways for organizations to use or integrate the AbsoluteProof Service. With easy-to-use desktop products, integrations into commercially-available electronic content management (ECM) systems, scriptable interfaces, and a variety of software development kits, organizations of all sizes and industries can easily and cost-effectively use AbsoluteProof to protect their critical digital information, no matter its format or where it resides.

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The Power of Proof

AbsoluteProof Data Sheet

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Business Case for the Power of Proof

Download this whitepaper to learn how digital timestamping can help you easily and affordably protect and defend your critical electronic records, files and other digital content.

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