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Surety Professional Services: Accelerating Time-to-Market

At Surety, we are dedicated to making sure you get the integrity and authenticity protection you need for your critical electronic records and files, where and when you need it. Depending on your unique needs, we can help you choose and deploy our existing solutions, integrate AbsoluteProof into a custom application, or even develop a module that integrates AbsoluteProof with an existing commercial product you are using to manage your digital information. Regardless of your situation, Surety's Professional Services can get you up and running quickly and cost-effectively with the perfect solution.

Deployment Support

Not sure which solution is right for you? Surety Professional Services has years of experience working with clients in helping them analyze their requirements and effectively deploy AbsoluteProof solutions that integrate seamlessly into their unique workflows, processes, and systems. Let Surety Professional Services help you, too.

Custom Application Development

Do you need help integrating AbsoluteProof into your custom application? Surety Professional Services can work with you to integrate AbsoluteProof into virtually any type of application on any platform. Using our full set integration tools, we can help you get AbsoluteProof integrated where and when you need it. Full software development kits support the following technologies:

Custom Module Development

Would you like to use AbsoluteProof with a product you are currently using? Surety Professional Services can develop custom modules to integrate AbsoluteProof into whatever systems you are using. AbsoluteProof can be integrated into virtually any type of system, including content management systems, e-mail systems, source code control systems, scanners, and electronic lab notebook (ELN) and lab information management systems (LIMS).

For more information on Surety Professional Services, contact us by either completing our Contact Us formemailing us or calling 800-298-3115.

The Power of Proof

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