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Why Use AbsoluteProof From Surety?

AbsoluteProof is the best available solution for protecting the integrity of digital data. The following are some key advantages of using AbsoluteProof as part of your data protection strategy.

Establishes that your electronic records existed at a particular point in time

AbsoluteProof Seals contain a reliable time stamp proving when your documents, records or other digital files were "sealed." These time stamps are obtained from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) - the official provider of standard time in the United States. Furthermore, the fact that your electronic records and files can be mathematically linked to summary values published in The New York Times provides indisputable proof that your "sealed" content existed prior to the news organization's publication date.




Provides proof that your electronic records have not been altered since their creation

The digital fingerprint in an AbsoluteProof Seal provides a reliable way to prove that a record or file has not been altered. If the record is altered, its digital fingerprint will necessarily change. If you calculate the fingerprint and it matches the fingerprint in a valid Seal, you know with extremely high certainty that the record has not changed since the time shown on the Seal. The security in this process depends on the security of the underlying secure hash algorithms used to create the fingerprint. AbsoluteProof uses two widely-analyzed and trusted standard hash algorithms to create each fingerprint: SHA-256 and RIPEMD-160. Two algorithms are used for redundancy protection.


Preserves the sensitivity of critical electronic records and other digital content

When an AbsoluteProof Seal is created, only the digital fingerprint of the electronic record is sent to Surety. This means that sensitive records, documents or any other digital files never leave your corporate or personal network. One of the key characteristics of secure hash algorithms is that they are "one way." This means that you can create a fingerprint of an electronic record, but you cannot gain any information about the file from it, nor can it be recreated in a reverse fashion. The one-way nature of secure hash functions guarantees that the content of your "sealed" record stays secure.


Delivers long-lasting protection of electronically stored information (ESI)

AbsoluteProof is based entirely on standard hash functions and widely-witnessed integrity values. Unlike other solutions, there are no cryptographic (PKI) keys or certificates that can expire or be compromised and ultimately limit the life of the record's protection. Surety's patented Seal renewal process enables you to "upgrade" your level of protection when newer and stronger secure hashing technology becomes available. This means that you can have integrity protection that lasts the lifetime of your records, files and other digital content - regardless of how long you need to maintain them.


Supports independent verification of electronic record authenticity

AbsoluteProof Seals are normally validated using the AbsoluteProof Service, but that isn't the only way they can be validated. Seals also can be independently validated using only the Seal itself and the corresponding widely-witnessed value. These widely-witnessed values will always be available, as The New York Times is archived all over the world, including in the Library of Congress. Independent validation removes Surety from the process of proving the integrity of your electronic records and documents. With independent validation, the proof of the integrity of your files depends entirely on the security of underlying secure hash algorithms used to create the Seals. No other parties are required. Since these algorithms are widely-analyzed and trusted, this puts you in the strongest possible position when defending the integrity of your digital content. With independent validation, you are in complete control of the validation process. That process can be done today, tomorrow, 150 years from now, or for however long the electronic records or files need to exist.

The Power of Proof

AbsoluteProof Data Sheet

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Business Case for the Power of Proof

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The Value AbsoluteProof Provides

AbsoluteProof provides proof of electronic data authenticity. Learn more about the value this unique service can provide.

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