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AbsoluteProof® – Lock Down the Authenticity of your Intellectual Property Records and Files

The economic risks of unreliable electronic research records or other digital content are compelling: missed business opportunities, lost productivity and increased costs. There has never been a more important time than now to integrate and automate data authenticity and integrity throughout your business processes.

With the AbsoluteProof Data Integrity Protection service and a Surety Integrity Seal™ applied to your electronic research records, you will have the ability to objectively defend the ownership and credibility of your digitized content, and will be in the strongest possible position if you were ever to enter into a legal or regulatory challenge. Only this kind of data authenticity can translate to achieving “peace-of-mind.”

Integrated Data Authenticity and Integrity | Achieving “Peace-of-Mind”

An external or third-party time stamp proves that people within your organization and outside the corporate perimeter neither altered nor backdated any electronic data.

AbsoluteProof is an Internet-based service that works wherever your most important electronic records or other digital files reside, and is compatible with any data source, regardless of format—including documents, records, email, electronic health records, engineering diagrams, scientific device readings, audio, video, CAD diagrams and audit logs. AbsoluteProof is already integrated into a wide range of electronic records management applications, archive solutions, electronic lab notebooks and multi-function printer scanning devices, and can also be integrated at any point in your business process – data capture, generation, management or archive.

AbsoluteProof Works Wherever Your Most Important IP Records Are

Lightweight, pre-configured modules and easy-to-integrate software development kits enable AbsoluteProof to be deployed seamlessly into any platform or system in your environment. Pre-configured modules include:

  • AbsoluteProof Desktop  - One-click Windows-based application for protecting the integrity of data on your PC, workstation or in network file folders
  • AbsoluteProof EvidenceSealer - Web-based service "seals" evidence from web pages, Facebook, and other social media sites - reducing time, costs and effort associated with litigation readiness
  • AbsoluteProof for MS SharePoint - An automated software module for protecting the integrity and authenticity of records in the Microsoft SharePoint platform
  • AbsoluteProof for MS Exchange - An automated software module providing content integrity for email, archives and back-ups
  • AbsoluteProof for OpenText Livelink - An automated software module for protecting the authenticity of records in the Livelink ECM framework

Got a Custom Application? AbsoluteProof Software Development Kits Make Integration Easy

AbsoluteProof Software Development Kits for JAVA, C++ and .Net enable you to easily and affordably integrate the AbsoluteProof Data Integrity Protection service into any custom application. The kits include full documentation, samples and command-line tools.

The Power of Proof

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