Data Integrity Protection | Can You Prove You Own Your IP, and That Your Research Data Have Never Been Altered? Do You Even Know?

The pressure is mounting to detect and prevent electronic content fraud. Trouble is, tampering with electronic records has never been easier – all it takes is motive and a keystroke.

Have your electronic research records or files been altered? Do you even know?

With the massive volumes of electronic reseach data now being created and stored, can you defend the integrity of your electronic records in an ownership, legal or regulatory dispute? Can you prove beyond a shadow of doubt they have not been altered at any time—even decades after their creation?

Now more than ever, you need the power to prove that your intellectual property is authentic. You need AbsoluteProof – only from Surety.

At Surety, we simplify data integrity protection by integrating AbsoluteProof directly into your R&D processes — providing a seamless, transparent, independent and automated way to Sign & Witness your research and protect the authenticity of your valuable electronic records protection indefinitely. Whether it is at data creation, collaboration, management or archive, the power of proof is always on.

Why AbsoluteProof

  • It enables you to reliably and independently prove the integrity of your electronic research content.
  • It proves that your research records existed at a specific point in time and have not been altered since.
  • Can "seal" any data source, regardless of format—including email, engineering diagrams, scientific device readings, audio, video, CAD diagrams and audit logs.
  • Can work right from your desktop or be integrated at any point in your R&D workflows, at data capture, collaboration, management and archive
  • It is already integrated into a wide range of electronic lab notebooks (ELNs), content management and record management applications, archive solutions, and scanning devices.
  • AbsoluteProof Data Integrity Protection Service | Gain Absolute Peace-of-Mind
  • Surety Professional Services | let us help you maximize your AbsoluteProof deployment
The Power of Proof

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