AbsoluteProof for OpenText Livelink

AbsoluteProof for OpenText Content Server seamlessly integrates into the Livelink content management system, delivering safeguards for electronic records and other digital content against tampering, unauthorized changes, and malicious manipulation. Helps customers improve their data security posture and meet regulatory compliance requirements for the protection of critical data.

AbsoluteProof for OpenText Livelink is integrated directly into the Livelink platform


The AbsoluteProof Integrity Seal can be placed anywhere in the content management workflow based on the organization’s processes


  • Lightweight data integrity software module for the OpenText Livelink content management system
  • “Drag and drop” module inside Livelink workflows
  • 24/7 access to Surety’s AbsoluteProof Data Integrity Protection service
  • Automated Sealer time stamps new or modified files as part of a workflow process
  • High-volume data and content sealing
  • Standard-compliant seals
  • Portable AbsoluteProof Digital Evidence Bag allowing transfer of sealed content from system to system
  • Free downloadable Viewer for third-party validation of sealed content


  • Reduces integration costs with drop-in software module
  • Empowers the Livelink platform with an enhanced level of assurance, delivering peace-of-mind that content integrity is protected
  • Pre-configured module means zero integration costs
  • Identifies records that have been altered at any stage of custody
  • Validates the time and content integrity of records independent of the Livelink framework
  • Automatically protects the integrity of files stored in the Livelink content repository


The Power of Proof

AbsoluteProof for OpenText Content Server Data Sheet

Learn more about how AbsoluteProof can improve the integrity protection of your OpenText content.

Download data sheet

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