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Clients Turn to Outside Counsel for Guidance on Effective e-Discovery Solutions

Organizations look to their outside law firms for legal counsel on a wide variety of topics and in recent years, companies are increasingly looking to outside counsel for advice on the appropriate technology solutions for their litigation readiness needs. Preparing your clients today for any future litigation means advising them on the best possible tools for their e-Discovery needs.

As the area of e-Discovery becomes more sophisticated, and with electronic evidence is subjected to increased scrutiny, all organizations need an authentication solution that provides irrefutable proof of the time and content integrity of electronic records.

A client’s business and good reputation is on the line when facing litigation. Organizations must be able to prove that their electronic data has never been altered or tampered. AbsoluteProof® gives organizations long-lasting, unimpeachable proof of the authenticity of any and all electronic data, providing them with the confidence and peace of mind that their important electronic records will be admitted into evidence during trial. Today, outside counsel can recommend AbsoluteProof to their clients as a complement to their litigation readiness programs.

“In this electronic era, it is the duty of outside counsel to advise clients with respect to electronic records and their admissibility. Part of that duty requires attorneys to counsel clients on the most effective technology solutions available to help with e-discovery.” – John J. Rosenthal, Partner, Howrey, LLP

The Power of Proof

AbsoluteProof Product Data Sheet

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The Business Case for the Power of Proof

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