Wall of ShameFormer Computer Technician Pleads Guilty

Former Computer Technician Pleads Guilty After Directing Staffers to Delete Emails

A former computer technician for State Sen. Vincent J. Fumo pled guilty after illegally directing staffers to delete emails related to a current legal proceeding.

Mark C. Eister admitted to his attempt to disrupt the FBI and IRS’ investigation of Fumo, an action that led him to one count of conspiracy and four counts of obstructing justice. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer," ‘Substantial amounts’" of electronic evidence were destroyed, the prosecutors said, including e-mails from before 2005 and virtually all e-mails pertinent to one part of the investigation…” This news comes after Leonard P. Luchko, another Fumo computer technician, took similar actions with employees at another office location.

Surety’s Take:

Former Computer Technician Has a Lot to Think about Behind Prison Walls
Considering Eister was a computer technician, it’s strange for us to understand how he believed he was going to get away with such a scheme. Although he successfully led an attempt to destroy electronic information, his background should have made him more aware of the longevity of trails that electronic documents leave. When they don’t, and in cases like this when “substantial amounts” of electronic evidence are destroyed, the courts are taking action. Certainly this former computer technician will have plenty of time to think about these changes while he’s behind bars.

The Power of Proof

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