Defend the Integrity, Authenticity and Ownership of Your Digital Data

Regardless of what kind of data you have, why you need to protect it, and where it is stored, the AbsoluteProof Service provides you with the best available electronic data integrity protection.

Why AbsoluteProof?

The capability provided by the AbsoluteProof Service is simple, yet powerful. It enables organizations to prove that their electronic data existed at a particular point in time and has not been altered since. Whether deployed at the desktop, enterprise or in the cloud, AbsoluteProof is an ideal solution to the challenges of intellectual property protection, digital evidence protection, and proving the authenticity of electronic records and files. 

What Can Be Protected?

The AbsoluteProof Service can be used to protect any form of electronic data. Examples include documents and spreadsheets, PDFs, scanned images, CAD drawings, medical images and X-rays, photographs, audio recordings, videos, sensor data, audit logs, source code, web data, research data from scientific instruments, records in a database, and content stored in enterprise content management (ECM) systems. If it can be stored as bytes on a disk or in memory, it can be protected using AbsoluteProof. 

Where Can Electronic Data Be Protected?

The AbsoluteProof Service can be used to protect electronically stored information regardless of where it resides. Surety has a variety of solutions to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Desktop products for protecting records and files on your PC;
  • Add-on modules for protecting content in commercially available ECMs, Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) and Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS), and e-mail systems;
  • A scripting toolkit that can be used to protect electronic content managed in existing legacy applications and workflows;
  • A variety of software development kits that make it possible to integrate AbsoluteProof into virtually any application. These can be used to integrate AbsoluteProof into desktop or enterprise applications, cloud services, mobile devices, proprietary or custom systems, or anywhere else electronic data integrity protection is required.

AbsoluteProof Solutions

AbsoluteProof data integrity protection solutions generally fall into three Business Needs categories:

Detailed solution information is available in each of these sections.

The Power of Proof

AbsoluteProof Data Sheet

Download this overview to learn more about the AbsoluteProof Service from Surety.

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Business Case for the Power of Proof

Download this whitepaper to learn how digital timestamping can help you easily and affordably protect and defend your critical electronic records, files and other digital content.

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The Value AbsoluteProof Provides

AbsoluteProof provides proof of electronic data authenticity. Learn more about the value this unique service can provide.

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