Data Integrity Protection and Intellectual Property Management Spans All Industries

Businesses have always faced the challenge of handling and safeguarding intellectual property, but corporate scandals, electronic access to consumer and patient information, new regulatory mandates and the changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are placing your electronic records at greater legal and regulatory risk. From legal record management to electronic health records security, Surety can help your business with intellectual property management.

The courts are making judgments on the side of prudent and rigorous electronic record authentication. Any retained electronic business record can be used as evidence against you in the course of litigation, audits and regulatory investigations.

Currently there is no single standard for the use and retention of electronic records. But, given the increasing pressure to ensure that electronic records are managed in a prudent and compliant manner, you should take steps to proactively preserve the authenticity and evidentiary strength of your electronic records today.

It doesn’t matter the business you are in, you need absolute proof to withstand modern-day integrity and authenticity challenges. No matter your industry, Surety can help you with intellectual property management, too.

From legal record management to electronic health records security, examples of industries Surety can help are:

The Power of Proof

AbsoluteProof Product Data Sheet

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The Business Case for the Power of Proof

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